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Topics include:

  • Arm and AWS: Working together to "Re:Invent" the cloud
  • mtes Neural Networks Selects QuickLogic's QuickAI HW/SW Platform for AI-Enabled Endpoint Devices
  • Global Semiconductor Market 2018-2019 $500 Billion
  • Texas Instruments: New Products - Support and Evaluation
  • Qualcomm launches 9205 chipset for IoT, wearables,
    and smart cities
  • Top Tech Talks Of 2018
    Which videos had the most traffic and why
  • SoftBank confirms sell off of ARM China stake
  • Europe approves €1.75 billion public support
    in microelectronics
  • STMicroelectronics: New Micros, IC’s and Sensors
  • Huawei Unveils Industry's Highest-Performance ARM-based CPU
  • Imec Belgium & CEA-Leti France join forces on Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing
  • NXP and Kalray Enter Partnership to Develop Platform for Safe, Reliable Autonomous Driving
  • Infineon: World's first TPM for cybersecurity in the connected car
  • Bosch Sensortec: Ultra-low power accelerometer for IoT and wearables


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